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Sankshi fort | संक्षी किल्ला

This fort is located in Pen Taluka of Raigad district. It is 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) from Pen.
History A Sank king built the fort. He had a daughter named Jagamata. The king was killed in battle, his daughter committed suicide by jumping from the fort; this is the popular myth. In 1540 Nizamshah of Ahmednagar captured this fort from Gujarath's sultan. The Sultan of Gujarat captured it back with the help of Portuguese. Later he assumed the Nizam were counterattacking the fort, so he handed over the fort to the Portuguese and ran away to Gujarat. Due to frequent attacks on the army by the Nizam, the Portuguese purchased the fort along with Karnala fort from Nizam.
Places of Interest There are no Bastions or Gate on the fort. But there are plenty of rock cut cisterns on the fort and a small cave. The Badruddin Darga at the base of the fort is worth visiting.From the top of fort many forts like Karnala, Manikgad, Sagargad are seen.
How to reach The road from Tarankhop village …

Kamalgad | कमळगड

Kamalgad (literally lotus fort), also called Bhelanja[1] or Kattalgad (literally death fort) is a square hill fort in Wai Taluka in Maharashtra, India. Location It is ten miles (16 km) west of Wai and 32 km from Satara. Its coordinates are 18° 05' N, 74° 00' E. It has an elevation of 4,511 feet (1,375 m) above sea level. History The builder of the fort is unknown.[3] During Maratha times, Kamalgad, Pandavgad and other forts in the area were administered by a mokasaddar (manager) from Bijapur.[4] Early documents written in now defunct Modi script of the Marathi language refer to the fort as 'Kattalgad'.[5] A detailed study of these documents is underway. In April 1818, Kamalgad surrendered after resistance to a British detachment commanded by a Major Thatcher.[2] Under the British, it was used to execute prisoners of war. Major Features Red ocher in Kamalgad fort The fort covers a flat area, 3-4 acres in size. It is surrounded by steep rock and can only be reached by p…