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Bahadur gad /Dharmaveer gad | बहादुर गड /धर्मवीर गड

Type: Land Fort
Base Village: Pedgaon
Where: 130 Kms from Pune, 15/20 Kms from Shrigonda off Daund
Route: Kunthalgiri-Bhoom-Kharda-Jamkhed-Pedgaon
Time visited: August 2011
Time to see around: 4 hours
How to reach: It’s near Daund, off Daund-Nagar higway or can be easily reached from Shrigonda village.
My Meter reading from Pune: Pune 1190 Kms
History: Bahadurgad , the major Mughal camp was said to have been built by Bahadur Khan Kokaltash, the mughal viceroy to the Deccan. It has several names including Bhadhurgad, pedgaon cha killa and Dharmaveer gad.
This historic fort is famous for two things- Shivaji Raje had heard the news of the arrival of the two hundred trained arabian stallions at Bahadurgad He deliberately leaked the news that he was planning to attack Bahadurgad. Intially 2000 men attacked the fort and then chose to retreat with Bahadur Khan chasing with his full might. Luring the mughals away from the fort by well over 20kms, the marathas dissappeared in the thick w…